Siwan Culture

The people of Siwa take hospitality seriously. The oasis is inhabited by 12 different tribes who speak Arabic as well as their own unique language, which is considered endangered by UNESCO.

Tourism is a big source of income for the residents of the Oasis, with many owning and running local hotels, eco-lodges, restaurants, and cafes and working as guides. Their good nature, love of storytelling, and eagerness to share their traditions and culture with visitors give Siwa a unique authentic feel and makes it easy to get to know local traditions.

Experience the Culture Firsthand at a Siwan Eco-lodge

Some of Egypt’s best and most well-known eco-lodges are located in Siwa. These can range from luxurious, internationally renowned, five-star establishments where you can dine on gourmet cuisine with fine china, crystal, and candlelight, to more basic camps and huts.

Sample Siwa’s Unique Cuisine

Enjoy a firsthand introduction to Siwa’s delicious cuisine at the many local restaurants and on trips to the desert for starlit campfire dinners. Siwan cuisine includes a fascinating cooking method called abou mardam, a traditional practice of slow cooking meats and vegetables under the sand.