The Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) was established in 1981—by Presidential Decree No. 134—as a regulatory body affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism. ETA’s mission is to boost international tourism by promoting Egypt’s rich history and civilization and highlighting the country’s abundance of diverse tourist attractions. Part of ETA’s mandate is to also address any obstacles that may stand in the way of growth in Egypt’s tourism sector. It also aims to promote domestic tourism, raise tourism awareness throughout the country, and strengthen the connection between Egyptians and their heritage.

ETA works to achieve its objectives by:

  • • Highlighting the diversity and variety of Egypt’s tourist attractions and destinations
  • • Developing marketing strategies and programs to promote international and domestic tourism
  • • Providing technical and marketing support in coordination with relevant entities for the promotion of tourism

ETA also organizes and sponsors tourism, sports, social, cultural, entertainment, and educational events held at tourist attractions, archaeological sites, and museums across Egypt. These activities shed light on Egypt’s diversity of experiences and highlight the country’s competitive edge as a destination for international travelers.

The ETA Board of Directors is chaired by the Minister of Tourism. Its members include the ETA’s CEO and representatives from relevant entities, such as the Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF), the Egyptian Travel Agents Association, and the Egyptian Hotel Association; the Chairman of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority; the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities; the Director General of the Grand Egyptian Museum; and four additional tourism sector experts. The ETA Board of Directors is responsible for setting ETA’s general policies and making the necessary decisions to help achieve its goals and objectives.