Explore Egypt’s rich and prolific modern culture

Egypt has been home to many of the world’s most powerful and influential civilizations. Multiculturalism runs deep within the country’s heart and soul, producing a unique fusion of stunning art, from the vivid wall paintings of ancient Egypt to iridescent stained glass church windows, intricately decorated mosque domes, and captivating abstract sculptures and paintings by renowned contemporary artists.

Also known as the “Hollywood of the Middle East,” Egypt has forged a rich and prolific history in theater and film production. Egypt was, and remains, the go-to destination for aspiring actors, producers, and cinematographers of the region. Um Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Omar Khairat are only a few of the legendary musicians, singers, and composers idolized in the Middle East and beyond.

Cairo Opera House

Located in the affluent Zamalek district, the Cairo Opera House was established in 1988 and serves as a hub for musical and artistic talent from all over the country.

Galleries, Exhibitions, & Modern Art Museums

For a taste of contemporary Egyptian art, visit a local gallery or exhibition and explore the country’s captivating art scene.

Theater, Film, & Music Festivals

Egyptians are well-known for their sense of humor and use of witty puns, half of which can be attributed to beloved Egyptian comedy plays.


Egyptian cuisine is influenced by a unique medley of cultures, including those of Mediterranean, Greek, Arab, and Levantine origins.

Shopping & Nightlife

From mega-malls with famous international brands from all over the world to traditional bazaars with souvenirs of every shape, size, and color, and souqs (marketplaces) bursting with the freshest fruits, vegetables, and aromatic spices, shopping in Egypt is a unique experience enriched with diverse stores and shopping centers that cater for your every need.


Hidden Gems


The historic Cairo neighborhood of Zamalek is a hub for contemporary artists from all over the country. This small island is home to many significant art and culture institutions, such as the Cairo Opera House and the Al Sawy Culturewheel. By taking a stroll around the tree-lined streets of Zamalek, you’ll find fascinating art galleries scattered all over the neighborhood, showcasing the works of some of the country’s finest contemporary artists.