Galleries, Exhibitions, & Modern Art Museums

For a taste of contemporary Egyptian art, visit a local gallery or exhibition and explore the country’s captivating art scene. Check out the latest modern art exhibitions at multiple galleries around Cairo, trace the creative and personal journeys of many of Egypt’s most renowned visual artists at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s permanent exhibitions in Alexandria, plan a visit to “Wekalet al-Ghoury” to get a taste of traditional folkloric performances in Historic Cairo, or catch some spellbinding photography from all over Egypt during Cairo Photo Week. Some of these events are not permanent, so make sure to check the website’s event listings for updates.

Modern Art Museums

Egypt’s contribution to the art world goes beyond the timeless artworks of the ancients; it’s also home to a vibrant modern art scene. Museums dedicated to the modern arts can be found all over the country.

Don’t Miss


Visit the Museum of Modern Art

in Cairo (also known as the Gezira Center for Modern Art and the Egyptian Modern Art Museum) and pore over one of the largest collections of paintings, artworks, caricatures, and sculptures in the country, initially owned and started by Mahmoud Mohamed Khalil, a leading Egyptian art collector and patron of the arts.


Don’t forget to pass by the Museum of Fine Arts

In Moharram Bek, Alexandria, which houses over 1,300 artworks and has been hosting the Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries since its inauguration in 1955.


You will also find museums dedicated

To the bodies of work of prominent Egyptian modern artists, such as the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, the Adam Henein Museum, and the Mohamed Naghi Museum.