Theater, Film, & Music Festivals


Egyptians are well-known for their sense of humor and use of witty puns, half of which can be attributed to beloved Egyptian comedy plays. Theater has a long and illustrious history in Egypt. Catch everything from drama to comedy at one of the country’s many well-established theaters, such as Al-Hanager Arts Center, Al-Gomhouria Theater, and Falaki Theater.

Film & Music Festivals

Egypt’s film and music festivals are the perfect introduction to the country’s musical and cinematic offerings. Watch locally and internationally acclaimed films at the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF), an annual, star-studded affair held at the Cairo Opera House featuring films from all over the globe and gathering the cinema world’s greatest minds on jury panels.

Get a glimpse into the independent film scene with the annually held Panorama of the European Film, showcasing a carefully curated selection of films from all over Europe. You can also catch more independent film screenings at the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, an annual film festival held in Alexandria that is known for its promotion of local and regional filmmaking talents.

The annual Cairo Opera House Musical Festival is a musical fiesta you won’t want to miss, with a schedule brimming with concerts and music events to satisfy every taste. Jazz lovers will be able to celebrate their music genre at an annual jazz festival, a multi-disciplinary international event that aims to make Egyptians fall in love with smooth, internationally beloved melodies.

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