Coptic Heritage

Egypt has long ties with the Christian faith, dating back to the Holy Family’s journey to escape persecution. Ushered in by the Apostle St Mark in the early first century, the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. Egypt is home to many famous and thriving monasteries that serve as incubators of Christian doctrine and protectors of ancient and rare relics.

Al‑Muharraq Monastery in Asyut

Which is an important pilgrimage stop.

St Catherine Monastery in Sinai

Home to the famous "burning bush" and some of the most renowned collections of religious documents and icons in the world.

The Monasteries of St Anthony and St Paul

Two examples of ancient Christian monasticism tucked away in the mountains near Al-Ain al-Sokhna.

Church of the Virgin Mary in Maadi

Where the Holy Family crossed the Nile to Mit Rahina and traveled onward to Upper Egypt

The Hanging Church in Old Cairo

Built between the two towers of the old Roman fort known as Babylon and elevated 13 m above the ground

Wadi al‑Natrun

Where four ancient monasteries still exist.

Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Old Cairo

Which stand on top of the site of the cave where the Holy Family sought refuge.

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