Ancient Healing Practices

If you’re more of a naturalist, forget about the fancy hotels and treatments and indulge in one of Egypt’s ancient, traditional healing practices.

In ancient cities like Aswan in Upper Egypt and the Siwa Oasis on Egypt’s northwest boarder, visitors can try out several ancient Egyptian remedies, such as soaking in restorative desert lakes and mineral pools or partaking in ancient sand and mud baths to cure a variety of ailments, including chronic skin, rheumatic, and respiratory conditions.

Today, Siwa is considered a top global destination for health and wellness tourism because of its natural springs, salt lakes, and sand bathing. The sand in the Red Sea town of Safaga is also known for its healing mineral composition. Research has shown it contains uranium, thorium, and potassium and is good for the treatment of rheumatism, chronic arthritis, and several skin inflammations.