Desert Safaris, Sandboarding, & Quad Biking

Desert activities are some of the best adventures a visitor can experience in Egypt! Head out in a 4x4 convoy with a group of friendly faces to enjoy a day of sand, fun, delicious food, campfire cheer, and stargazing.

If you’re in Cairo, the area between the Giza Pyramids and Saqqara

Is an excellent spot to rent quad bikes and hit the dunes. Nearby Fayoum is an area known for its desert safaris and sandboarding by the Magic Lake in the Wadi al-Rayan Nature Reserve.

The coastal cities of Sinai

Such as Dahab and Nuweiba, are excellent places to explore the mountains on desert expeditions, while along the Red Sea in Marsa Alam and Hurghada , desert safaris and quad biking expeditions will give you unique access to stunning nature reserves.

In the quiet northwest corner of Egypt

Siwa’s tranquil Great Sand Sea also holds inspiring opportunities for desert exploration and fantastic sandboarding.

If heading out to a dessert adventure is your cup of tea, don’t forget to plan ahead with the help of your hotel, tour operator, or experienced licensed guide to make sure that the areas you wish to explore are open for visitors and get the assistance you need to arrange for transportation, accommodation, and obtaining permits (if needed).


Hidden Gems


Taking a 4x4 up al-Modawara Mountain in Fayoum’s Wadi al Rayan Nature Reserve to enjoy epic views of the color shifting Magic Lake and the surrounding dunes


Taking a break on your desert safari in Siwa at Bir Wahed, a freshwater lake in the middle of the desert, for a refreshing, cool dip to freshen up!

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