Horseback & Camel Riding

Whether you fancy riding in the desert, through the fields, or by the beach, horses and camels are easy to find and readily available. In Cairo, riding stables can be found around the Giza Plateau, Abusir Pyramids, and Saqqara Pyramids. So why not head out and enjoy the vastness of the desert on horseback? What can be better or more Instagram-able than seeing the pyramids from a unique vantage point nestled at the top of massive sand dunes?

Camel riding is most commonly available around the Giza Plateau

Where visitors can explore the area on the back of these noble creatures. The views from high up above the crowds are incredible, and you’ll be able to reach the outer borders of the plateau for unbelievable photos.

In Fayoum

Animal lovers can explore the shoreline of Qarun Lake on horseback or wander through the Egyptian countryside exploring farm life with a friendly horse

On the Red Sea coast

Horseback riding and Bedouin-led camel safaris are a popular way to explore the rugged mountain scape around Hurghada and Dahab.