Dive Into the Sea

Dahab’s waters are teeming with marine life not found anywhere else in the world, offering over a dozen dive and snorkel spots for visitors of all experience levels. With most shore dive sites located just a few meters away from land, Dahab’s advantage is easy accessibility to the reef. Getting your open water certification is a breeze in Dahab, and there are dozens of schools to choose from. If you want to stay closer to the surface, there are plenty of opportunities for snorkelers to enjoy swimming and exploring.

Nature Reserve

Dahab is home to Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate, a raw, untouched Bedouin land located just north of the Blue Hole. There are several ways to reach Abu Gallum—by boat, by camel, or a one-and-a-half-hour-long hike. Visitors can head to Abu Gallum for a day trip, but overnight visits in the camp are also a favorite due to the absence of electricity at night. Stargazing and a traditional Bedouin fish dinner will leave you feeling at one with the universe.

For water sports fans, snorkeling and diving are unparalleled due the pristine condition of the coral reef. A short ride north of the Abu Gallum camp is the Blue Lagoon, a favorite kitesurfing and windsurfing spot with epic scenic views.

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The Lighthouse Reef

One of the most popular snorkeling sites close to the center of town. This shallow wall of fringing reef has a variety of coral and fish. You might even spot a sea turtle!


Eel Garden

A 15-meter-long underwater channel leading to a garden of eels and pufferfish. Both divers and snorkelers can enjoy this site.


The Canyon

A narrow underwater corridor caused by a fracture in the reef table. The effects of the sunlight through the canyon on the water at this dive spot, for experienced divers, is breathtaking. Snorkelers can also enjoy access to reef at this site.


Free divers from all over the globe come to Dahab to experience

The iconic Blue Hole, a badge of honor and skill for any diver. This 70-meter-wide and 80-meter-deep hole in the reef has a stunning arch at the bottom leading to open sea. A world-class dive site for divers of all experience levels that features stunning coral and reef life, but only highly experienced divers can dive under the arch. Snorkelers can also access reef at this site.


The Bells

A natural crack in the reef, located a short distance north of the Blue Hole, that allows divers to reach a depth of 26 m, passing through a natural arch to explore a gorgeous reef with hanging corals and tons of lionfish.


The Napoleon Reef

About 400 m from the shore and offers the opportunity for snorkelers to explore stunning coral and vibrant marine life.


Ras Abu Helal

Has a lovely underwater garden with fish and reef for snorkelers to explore.


Gabr al Bint

A spectacular dive site with a steep drop of 110 m and several crevices filled with beautiful coral. This spot also has a forest of massive fan corals where turtles are frequently spotted. Snorkelers can also access reef at this site.