Relax on the Beach

Dahab’s beachfront promenade is a 30-minute walk alongside the entire town known by locals as Al-mamsha or Mashraba area. This busy stretch, packed with lively shops and bustling restaurants, includes several smaller areas. The Lighthouse area has the bigger dive centers and nightlife spots, while further north, Eel Garden is home to more romantic dining areas and quieter beach bars. Part of Dahab’s primitive appeal is the absence of big chain commercial franchises; nearly all the establishments in this town are independently-owned small businesses.

Beach Access

As you walk the Dahab coastline, you’ll find that many stretches of beach are public. You can find an empty spot and catch some rays with your own beach setup, or if you prefer a sunbed and some friendly service, pop into any of the beachfront cafés or restaurants, order a refreshment and spend the day tanning.

If you’re in need of more secluded beach luxury, head to one of Dahab’s resort hotels for elevated service and pampering. Laguna Beach is also a popular spot with the locals, where you can watch the kite and windsurfers zip by. For the adventurers, take a day trip to Ras Abu Gallum and then a short ride to the Blue Lagoon—an idyllic spot for a full day of peaceful sunbathing.

This town is known for the friendly connections you make with locals and travelers from around the world, so don’t be surprised if people strike up a conversation with you, it’s all part of Dahab’s charm.

Dining & Nightlife

Wake up and head to the shore for a morning cappuccino with a view of Dahab Bay at one of Dahab’s many rustic wooden cafes. Dahab’s local community is full of nationalities from all over the globe, resulting in a deliciously diverse and authentic culinary scene.

Most restaurants are in the Masbat and Lighthouse areas, where you can choose from a variety of cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Russian, or even get your sushi fix. Egyptian homemade fare is plentiful, along with lots of vegan options as well. While many of Dahab’s premium dining spots occupy the beachfront with amazing views, the tiny streets that spread out inland from the promenade are also full of tasty options worth checking out.

Dahab is famous for its beach bars, where you’ll often find crowds assembled on the shore dancing to DJ-spun tunes. Live music and open mic nights are also easy to find on the weekends.


Dahab is a goldmine for bargains! You’ll find everything there, from gorgeous woodwork, handmade Bedouin crafts, woven home décor, carpets, comfortable bohemian-style clothing in hundreds of funky prints, one-of-a-kind beach coverups, and much more. Make sure to leave space in your luggage for souvenirs to remind you of this special place!

Health & Wellness

Dahab has an active community of holistic and alternative practitioners, so you’ll be able to pamper yourself with massages, aromatherapy, reiki, sound baths, and much more. Yoga workshops and retreats are also very popular there, and the atmosphere could not be better suited for it. Yoga on the beach with the most perfect sunset as a backdrop? Yes, please!