Camping & Glamping

Get caught between the stillness of the mountains and the serenity of the sand dunes where your biggest distraction will be the goat herd in the distance, the waves rolling back on the sand, or the sun peeping its first rays through the window of your tent. Egypt has plenty of options for tourists looking to experience nature outside the city.


If you want to go off the beaten track, pack your supplies and head to one of Egypt’s 30 protected areas. Egypt’s protectorates and national parks are well-monitored, safe, and professionally maintained, but there are certain rules and permits to acquire for a safer camping experience. Inquire about special camping permits with your hotel, tour operator, or authorized travel agency before heading out. In many areas, it is necessary to engage licensed guides.

Insider Tip

Do you want to camp but don’t have your own tent? Most towns on the Red Sea and in the oases have private campgrounds where you can rent a space. Choices of shelter vary from Bedouin-style tents to cabins or bamboo huts. These campgrounds often attract like-minded travelers year-round, so if you are traveling alone, chances are you will make a few good friends along the way.


If simple luxury is what you crave, Egypt has a small but growing selection of glamping sites in destinations like Fayoum and Siwa. The simplicity of the desert is mimicked in the minimalistic décor of these accommodations that are by no means basic. From luxurious huts decked out with plush couches, skylights, and private bathrooms to tents placed on wood-fire heated platforms. No worries though; with mattresses and mosquito nets, you won’t be roughing it at these camps.